Steel Cap Boots

The Many Reasons You Should Be Wearing Steel Cap Boots

Steel cap boots provide an extra level of protection for those who work in more dangerous conditions. Many jobs will tell you upfront if you are required to wear steel boots or not. Basically, any industry where you are around falling blocks, heavy equipment, or even nails, you will need to wear these boots. Let’s take a look at some other common reasons you should be wearing steel cap boots on the job.

OSHA Requires It 

If it’s not enough for you that your company requires them, OSHA has set specific requirements for employees to wear these boots. Their regulations share that any job where there are electrical hazards, a risk of falling, or any potential for piercing that employees must wear steel cap boots. There’s no getting around this requirement as it’s mandated at the Federal level.

To Protect Your Toes 

The whole concept behind steel cap boots is to ensure the safety of your feet and especially your toes. When there is the risk for falling objects, such as bricks, these boots will protect your toes from being smashed into pieces. A good rule of thumb is if you are wearing a helmet to protect your head, you should be wearing steel cap boots to protect your feet.

They’re Quality Boots 

When you purchase steel cap boots, you know that you are getting quality shoes. These boots are made with the long term in mind. They stand up to the harsh elements and everyday wear and tear. Many workers tend to get longer lasting boots when they opt for steel over the non-steel ones.

Stop Punctures From Happening 

Have you ever tried to puncture anything through steel? It doesn’t really work that well. This is why steel is the material used in many work boots to ensure that workers are not struck by sharp objects in their feet. Any job that requires you to be working in an environment that has sharp objects, such as nails, carries the risk of potential puncture wounds. These can be easily avoided with steel boots.

Protect Against Cutting Hazards 

Just as these work boots help to protect your toes from punctures and falling objects, they also work to protect them from cutting hazards. If you work around machinery with a lot of moving parts that are sharp, you could be at risk for cutting your feet. For example, those working in the logging industry are around dangerous chainsaws all day long. These pose a very big cutting hazard that can be avoided with the right type of work boot.

When it comes to keeping your feet safe on the job, look no further than steel cap boots. These can provide you with the protection you need for a long day on the job and they come in many comfortable fits. If you work in an industry where there are any of the above threats, you definitely need to invest in a pair of these boots.

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